Pixi.JS - How to Render SVG on iOS Safari

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I found a tedious bug for Safari (which by 10 July 2018 is still not fixed) when preloading svgs for a game I was developing. Issue was that all svgs that were loaded, were drawn over last one, like the canvas wasn't cleared. I debugged pixi.js and tried to create some workaround but no solution. The solution I found was that we had to load the svgs by ourselves and just feed pixi the texture.

The solution:

const pixelRatio = window.devicePixelRatio || 1const svgLoader = (resource, next) => {  if (resource.extension !== 'svg') return next()  const canvas = document.createElement('canvas')  const ctx = canvas.getContext('2d')  const image = new Image()  const onImageLoad = () => {    canvas.width = image.width *= pixelRatio    canvas.height = image.height *= pixelRatio    ctx.drawImage(image, 0, 0, image.width, image.height)    resource.texture = PIXI.Texture.fromCanvas(canvas)    resource.complete()    next()  }  image.addEventListener('load', onImageLoad)  image.crossOrigin = 'anonymous'  image.src = resource.url}

Add it to PIXI.loader as pre middleware before loading anything.


It's simple as that!

I posted the original solution at https://github.com/pixijs/pixijs/issues/3949#issuecomment-392732546.

Hendry Sadrak